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It's a guide not to Morocco but to Internet sites about Morocco. All the links found in this guide are hand-picked and categorized with the Morocco traveller in mind. Most search engines offer only automated links or lists of links in broad categories like Africa, Morocco, Travel. More often than not it's sheer luck if you find what you're looking for.
   The links here at Minaret are the result of countless hours of searching by use of the traditional search tools. Now you don't have to do that, because it's already been done.
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So this is how it works: Scroll down to the kind of information you'd like or click on the quick links below. The external links are all hand-picked. This list of useful travel info has resided on the net and been constantly updated since 1998. Treq salama!
  • TOURIST · if you are going on a package tour and only need some orientation
  • FIRST TIME · if you are a first-time visitor and like to know more
  • ON YOUR OWN · if you prefer to suit yourself (and travel round inexpensively)
  • BEEN THERE · if you are a returning traveller to Morocco

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TOURIST Click for Agadir Al Massira Forecast
The season for package tours is from October until April and the destination is the modern seaside resort Agadir, offering a mild sea climate and a sandy beach stretching for miles. For the event-seeking individual Agadir will certainly look too "touristic" after a couple of days, but the town serves as an excellent base for excursions to the Atlas mountains and to the Sahara desert.
Tourist Travel
Getting there
  1. Getting Around Morocco
  2. Royal Air Maroc
  3. Ferry services Andalucia
  4. Air France
  5. British Airways
  6. Cheap holidays bargain
Guides online
  1. Official Moroccan site
  2. Maroc network
  3. Tourism in Morocco
  4. Lonely Planet
  5. Morocco.com
  6. Travel and Tourism Info
  7. Misc. Information
  8. Mother Earth Travel Info
  9. Africaguide Travel Guide
  10. World66.com's travel guide
  11. Morocco Travel Guide @ Travel Notes

Easy Living
  1. Golf Courses
  2. Tafraoute. Red city
  3. Agadir. Laid-back
  4. Maroc Sports
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FIRST TIME Click for Tanger Forecast
Go by a regular flight to Casablanca or with a package tour to Agadir. The most famous places like Marrakech, Fès, Tanger, Merzouga, Zagora, Todra et cetera should perhaps be visited under guidance the first time. With a little experience of the country - and if the supply of money doesn't make a problem - then the rented car is the ideal vehicle to explore Morocco.
First time visitor
Before you go
  1. Embassy listings
Starting point
  1. Andalucia.com
  2. Morocco Roadmap
  3. InfoHub Travel Guide
  4. Timetables - Horaires
  5. Overseas Travel Agency
  6. Travel in Morocco
Imperial Cities
  1. several cities (at Vantage)
  2. Fez: The Royal Palace
  3. Marrakech: The other Morocco
  4. Motivation services
  5. Riads in Morocco
  6. Riad Hotels
  1. Things to see and do in Morocco
  2. Sally's Place
  3. iExplore Travel and Trips
  4. Maroc Evasions Tourism
  5. 1800-morocco.com
  6. Map (image)
  7. Lonely Planet - Morocco & Western Sahara Map
  8. The Place to Be Seen: Marrakesh
  9. Morocco: independent travel video
  10. Marrakesh Voyage Home Page
  1. Nador. Shadows from development
  2. Saïdia, Morocco: Crystal-clear water
  3. Mediterranean Cruises Vacations
The Tasty Life
  1. Ethnic Cuisine
  2. Moroccan Tagine
  3. Savoring Morocco at Sally's
  4. Menus & Recipes
  5. North African Recipes
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ON YOUR OWN Click for Essaouira Forecast
Trains, buses, grand-taxi's, cycling - all the options exist to travel round at a small cost. Best to start at Málaga and take the ferry to Melilla or bus and boat via Algeciras to Tanger or Ceuta. Agadir is a good starting point for the southern area of the country.
  Please consider that the attendance in the tourist areas of Morocco is exquisite from many individuals, who look upon you as a source of income rather than as a traveller. Because of that it's frequently trying to travel alone.
Travel On Your Own
  1. Morocco Bound
  2. The Universal Packing List
  3. Worldwide Hostel Database
  4. Geography and Map
  5. Morocco Hostels
Travel Round
  1. Guide to Lodging
  2. HotelsTravel
  3. Trento Bike Pages
  4. Travel Guide By Bike
  5. Adventures of Morocco
  6. Explorer Guide to Moroccan Sahara - GoNOMAD
The Atlas mountains
  1. Exploring Morocco
  2. The High Atlas Mountains
  3. Cascades d'Ouzoud
  4. Tizi-n-Test
  5. Todra Gorge
  6. Atlas Mountains
  7. John Sandell Photography
Hip Essaouira
  1. Essaouira: Beautiful
  2. Gateway: Essaouira
  3. Essaouira - Stadtführer
  4. Hip Guide
The Rough North
  1. Kif in the Rif
  2. the Algerian border
  3. BikeAbout the Mediterranean
  4. Chefchaouen
  1. Road to Erg Chebbi
  2. Chronicles - Fez
  3. Nick Jenkins
  4. High Atlas mountains
  5. DOS-Pops Diary
  6. Chronicles - Marrakech
The Deep South
  1. Erfoud
  2. Tan-Tan
  3. Mauritania-Morocco border
  4. Er Rachidia
  5. Goulimime
  6. Merzouga
  7. Tarfaya
  8. Tata
  9. Zagora
Moving on
  1. Guide to Moroccan Sahara
  2. Dakhla
  3. Mauritania: Points of Arrival
  4. Sahara Overland Travel Information
  5. Adventures of Algeria: Points of Arrival
  6. Figuig
  7. Algeria: Bni Ounif
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BEEN THERE Click for Rabat-Sale Forecast
A prerequisite for the total experience of Morocco is that you enjoy the respect of the people. Dress yourself well-groomed and not too exposed. Learn a few phrases of Arabic and speak French on other occasions. Be kind and relaxed, tell storys, jokes and always keep a smile on your face. Be tough when it comes to business, but generous with gratuity. Respect the religion, be careful in political debates and - if you're a woman - travel preferably in company with a man (unless you don't mind to endure harassments by persons who don´t respect women travelling on their own).
Experienced Travel
  1. Official documents
  2. Museums of Morocco
  3. Imilchil Moussems
  1. Morocco Top News (All Africa)
  2. The real-time guide to Moroccan sports
  3. Travel Forum
  4. Insight Morocco
Doing Business
  1. Doing business & staying in touch
  2. Worldwide Business Briefings
  3. hotel accommodation (by ABT)
  4. Morocco's Top 10 Hotels
  1. Mohammed The Prophet
  2. The Muslim Woman
  3. Morocco History
  4. Historical Text Archive
Learning More
  1. Babel: Arabic
  2. Academic Year and Programs
  3. Al Akhawayn University
  4. African Studies: Morocco
  5. Worldwide Classroom
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