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Reconfigure your Mozilla® applications by a user.js file

Version 1.2

The configuration of Mozilla® applications is to a great extent ruled by pref settings in the prefs.js file. That file is handled internally by the program. The settings therein are dependent on and will be over-ridden by user_pref settings in the user.js file. That file is not part of the program by default and must therefore be created by the admin or the end-user. Here is the place and now is the time to create this file ;-)
MOZILLA is a registered trademark of the Mozilla Foundation.

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The cross browser xbDetect.js script version 3.4

This detection script includes browser characteristics like browser kinship, rendering engine and version, pretty names and version, and release version, but also goes beyond, revealing environmental variables like operating system and time zone;. It's so easy to apply this script file.

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The Sniff & Divide Scripts System

DO NOT make yourself any illusions. Millions of Internet Explorer users won't accept any excuses if your web site doesn't show up as expected. They will blame the one responsible for the site, i.e. you, and they will never admit that there might be a lack in the application at their end. You have to take this into account when planning your site.

And of course not only Microsoft adapts, but Firefox users as well, would feel they have the right to employ whatever equipment they like, and if something's not showing up right, they will simply turn elsewhere, and your site will be dumped by a lot of casual visitors and you will lose customers.

The solution is to collect info about the visitor's computer beforehand. Which operating system is used? What is the screen resolution and the computer language, and to what degree is the web browser compliant with java, cookies, stylesheets, JavaScript etc. etc.?

When knowing this, it's a small matter to let the client have the HTML or JavaScript code, which is in line with the actual equipment used. The Sniff and Divert Script has been continuously up-dated since 2001. It is used for the sake of smooth and simple web experience for anyone navigating your site.

Prepare and custom-make the script code online — Version 3.3

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